live training

How to Start Selling Your Expertise Online

january 27TH

5:00 pm GMT

What you’ll learn in this training:

The 3 Misconceptions that are keeping you from selling your expertise online

Everyone can sell digital products. Yes that includes you! If you've been dabbling with the idea but always felt like something is holding you back, it's probably because you believe one of these 3 misconceptions... Understanding what they are and why they are wrong will help you get off the fence and into creation mode!

What digital product to Sell if you dON'T want to create an online course

Online courses are a popular (and lucrative!) way to sell your expertise online, but it's far from the only way! In this part of the training you'll discover 5 different types of digital products you can create that DO NOT require you to create an online course. After this part of the training, your mind will be buzzing with ideas to get started on your first or next digital product!

The Exact Flow and Step by Step Instructions to Start selling Digital Products

In this part of the training you'll get the big picture overview AND the step by step instructions on how to create each one of the different types of digital products. This will allow you to have a clear plan on where to get started.

About Hanne Vervaeck

CEO of Thrive Themes

Hanne created her first digital product over 10 years ago and it got her hooked on digital marketing. Ever since she started selling online products she's been on a quest to find the best possible way to sell expertise online. With Thrive Themes she's been part of multiple 6 figure launches for digital products and is always on the lookout for novel ways to package and transmit her expertise.