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  • Dawson says:

    I’ve had this running in the background for about a half hour and have yet to hear anything substantive at all, so I am bailing on it.

    Not the kind of content I am used to from you – not by a long shot.

  • Nick W says:

    I understand your point Paul… and Gael is quite knowledgeable. But the mistake that almost everyone makes when putting on a webinar like this is same. They spend 60% of the time telling us how good they are, and rationalizing their methodologies, and show numbers that support their rationale. The mistake is that they think the webinar is all about them. It’s not. Dawson is precisely typical of the frustration we face. Webinars could be reduced to 20 minutes if those putting on the webinar would realize this. I attended the webinar because SHANE offered it. Ok? That means the presenter comes pre-qualified. No build up is necessary. I don’t need to see his numbers. Shane is the one with credibility. He passes that to presenter by default. In a court of law, when the defence trotts out an expert witness, the prosecution will often shut them down right off the bat by saying: “the prosecution accepts Dr. Smith’s credentials”. So there is no need to sit and listen to 30 minutes of chest beating by Dr. Smith. The same goes here. To run on and on like this is the same as telling the audience that you do not respect them. You do not value their time and you think they are all idiots. Like Dawson, I shut it down after 20 minutes. I have to admit, I was a bit pissed. But, Shane has enough credibility with me that I can overlook that. However, if he were to do this two more times, I would never watch another webinar.

    This might go against conventional thinking, but if you have a product to sell, you’ll sell more product by virtue of the fact that you’ll have 40% more people left online by the end!

    In fact, I’d venture to say you could do more webinars and attract more people and sell a wider range of products this way.

    I never attend webinars anymore that are put on by certain gurus. They run on and on and on…. about themselves. It is horribly annoying.

    • Interesting views. My feedback:

      1) This isn’t a promotional webinar so shipping more product isn’t the goal. This is a free webinar case study for building authority sites (I assume you noticed that we have no affiliate link to CopyCog)

      2) “Rationalising methodologies backed up by analytics” is hugely important for a case study webinar. A case study without analytics is not a case study, it’s a story.

      3) Given that you switched off after 20 minutes, you missed the large majority of the webinar.

      4) As someone who’s actively learning about authority site promotion I would be disappointed to attend a free webinar training session that lasted 20 minutes.

      5) Your views are your own and not necessarily indicative of everyone here so be careful with generalisations such as “the frustration we face”.

      6) This is the important point.

      Quoting: “We’ll figure out the rest. No need for self-puffing. No need for credibility boosting. Get in. Say your stuff. Get out.”

      You’re confusing “credibility boosting” with statistics, analytics and monetary values that are always used when presenting a case study that is worth paying attention to.

      Let me be even more clear about this:- the finance slides and analytics slides were not added for credibility, they were added to get a real behind the scenes look of the authority business model.

      As a specific example of this: the Analytics screenshot demonstrates that it can take as long as 6 months of constantly pumping out content before the site gains traction. This sets expectations and allows people to understand the bare bones reality of what it takes to make this model work. That’s incredibly valuable, because it allows anyone considering this model to make a decision based on facts, rather than hearsay.

      The same can be said for the finance slide.

      It seems to me that, for some reason, you believed this was a promotional webinar and that the screenshots were merely there to ship more product. In which case, you’ve missed the point entirely.

      • Dorothy B says:

        Hi Shane, I’m a new user to Thrive Themes. By trade I’m an educator and I know my content very well, it’s hard to figure out how to promote that content. Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed this seminar (again I’m a newbie at all of this) as I need to start up a newsletter of some kind, and this was very educational for me. I was surprised at the negative comments as I found this interesting and educational.

      • Shane Melaugh says:

        Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment, Dorothy! I’m very happy to know that you found this valuable as well.

    • Jay S says:

      It has been a while since this webinar was released. I still found it useful.

      For anyone who has not watched it yet and might be deterred by the first comment. Gael went through very specific action steps, explained the tools he uses, and showed how to get it done at a reasonable price and quickly.

      One of the best parts of this webinar is Gael clarified and explained how to invite top bloggers who are already experts in the field of your new website niche to write for you, and also why this can often be a much better use of funds than putting out frequent but lower quality content.

      For example, using a search of people who are currently blogging on your topic, emailing them, and inviting them to write for your new website – seems like it wouldn’t work. Gael explains that you might get a 5% or so response. So if you write to 100 bloggers, you might get 5 of them to write for you.

      Still that’s awesome. After you get those first 5, you can write back and you have a lot more credibility to attract some of the others, and so on.

      In addition (this might be obvious) but I don’t think it is. Those guest bloggers have their own audience, and they are quite likely to link to their post on your site.

      There was a lot more specific, detailed action steps provided in the webinar. I just point out the above as an example of the quality of content.

      Also – I really did appreciate that Gael shared the background of a real site, including how it makes money, and the break down of income by different channels.

      I have not heard people explain the Amazon conversion factor of 3x (approximate) as a way to compare the affiliate programs.

      Loving the webinars. Even the older ones. I really recommend all members go through them all.

      I will be making mind maps outlining the action steps that I will be taking out of each webinar. I’m not sure if you can message me on here, but if you can and want a copy of the mind map – just let me know.

  • Nick W says:

    To shorten my comment: It boils down to this.
    We just want to know this:

    1. What do you do?
    2. Why do you do it?
    3. What resources do you use?

    We’ll figure out the rest. No need for self-puffing. No need for credibility boosting. Get in. Say your stuff. Get out.


  • James says:

    I agree Nick,

    I do not want to hear 20 minutes of credentials. I would say 3-5 minutes tops.

  • Ingela says:

    Well said, Nick! I agree in every word you wrote and if Shane is a smart guy (which hem seems to be) he take your “advice” about webinars. Otherwise he will loose me to.

  • Bohdan says:

    I totally agree, the credentials waffle and your story just bores me to tears. All I want to hear is what the product is, it’s features, and how I can use it in my business. Be clear cut and to the point and then I can decide if it is a fit for my business.

  • michael says:

    It’s impossible to know the level of the listeners. For my part, I picked up a few very good tips. What they present is very sustainable.

    Thumbs up on my part.

  • Dean says:

    I’m confused why there’s so many negative comments on something that is free?

  • Malcolm Kane says:

    The introductory ‘meet and greet’ stuff followed by a lengthy ‘establish trust and credibility’ spiel is pretty much par for the course for IM webinars these days – and that’s why I hardly every attend a live one. The solution’s simple, guys. Just download the recording and fast forward to the good bits. A big time saver, I find.

    All that said, I thought this particular webinar was very good and Gael’s presentation totally believable. As some previous commenters have also observed, I’ve never known Shane to recommend anything without good value.

  • Renee says:

    I missed the webinar with Gael and I really wanted to attend it. After reading the first six comments under the replay I began to wonder if I should bother listening to it.

    After listening to the entire replay, I can only conclude that those comments came from people who are not interested in building authority sites or who themselves are already seasoned experts.

    I am not an expert. I am presently doing the research for my first authority site. I found the description of growing the site to be very useful. Gael mentioned the strategies he and his partner employed (webinar presenters seldom give much information regarding strategy). He even revealed the breakdown of the sites earnings something I’ve never seen an authority site owner do.

    I’ll be using the information from this webinar as a guide for my new site. Don’t worry Gael I won’t be in the same niche 🙂

    Thanks Gael and Shane

  • steve says:

    Okay, I did read other comments here and some were critical of the self promotion.

    Must confess, I no longer attend webinars, partly because the time may not suit me and partly because it often becomes a sell fest.

    I thought Gael was enthusiastic and I found the background story quite interesting. It could be that I’m not as experienced and therefore learned more new things than other people here.

    Gael mentioned numbers, he shared a live website and talked about what money could be earned from an authority site. All of this was relevant to me.

    He did show his analytic’s of the first 6 months where he used to create/write content every day. He then went on to show the effect of creating less content and doing more promotional marketing.

    When taken as a whole, I thought he delivered good value. Perhaps there was a little too much about him but without the background story I think we may have missed something too.

  • Chaim A says:

    I agree with many of the comments…

    For me I don’t need to sit watch a webinar where there is a lot of showing this is what I have accomplished…

    What I’m looking for is… sharing strategies and tools that work.

  • ana p says:

    It is the first time I’ll make a comment, I enjoyed the webinar.
    It gave me some ideas that I had doubts about a project that will be related to this, about products I am testing on myself, on a health problem that traditional medicine does not know much about it. It is a project I am selecting the topics.
    For me the main problem is the hebinar be very long, I have no power of concentration to watch from beginning to end. But I will watch for parts by selecting the 15, 30, 45 minutes

  • Graeme C says:

    Reading thru the comments, I can see both sides here.
    The biggest problem was actually the presenter style. We are so expecting to see a Shane clone because Shane you do present particularly well.
    Gael is clearly a “tech” person not a marketing person and I too found the content tedious and at times the accent difficult to translate, BUT in behind that “tedious” style is some very valuable information.

    For the guys who dropped out early or are fed up with live webinar experiences for goodness sake STOP watching them live!
    It would be far more beneficial to this forum if you watched the replay and added your obvious experience to commenting and preferably adding value to the content presented.

    Likewise, I thought the opening 20mins were not engaging at all but because we always get fantastic content from Shane and Paul, I managed to stay engaged and will now need to watch it again to make serious notes and implement these superb strategies.

    We have just launched a product called the Ultimate Business Propellor Authority Rocket so authority websites are exactly what we will be building for people in Thrive Themes – I’m the perfect target audience!

    Thanks guys, after trying to get online businesses moving for about 2 years so far, finally I believe you are providing the world class product and training that some of those big names out there should be very wary about.

    And by the way, to the negative commenters on this forum – the training Shane and Paul provide is FREE!


  • Michael O says:

    I had to watch this purely because of the negative comments which is the first I have seen on any of Shane’s webinars.
    I have to say, I found the webinar very useful with lots of good information. So, well done. It was very useful for me.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you, Michael! I agree and I’m not sure how this whole negativity thing got going. I liked the content and there are several strategies in here that I’ve since started using myself. 🙂

  • Thomas says:

    Hello Shane, hello Gael – Thanks for this great webinar! I only found this now (after Shane shared it again recently).

    I’m probably not your typical listener: I’m actually very knowledgable about a hobby of mine but don’t know much about webdesign. Currently I’m trying to build up an authority site about this topic (not in English, so there is no real competition in my field).

    I just wanted to mention that I don’t really understand the critical comments here. For me, this was a great webinar with lots of value. And the numbers and statistics of his example were very interesting to much. There are so many theoretical articles about all this and I found it very refreshing to see the approach explained with a living example I can look at! I got many good, new ideas out of it.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Xenia says:

    I agree with Paul (second comment from top)
    Paul, I totally agree with you. I am certainly not as experienced as many readers here, and what I found very useful was Gael’s in depth explanations. Including how he started.

    Thank you Shane and thank you Gael.

  • Annie A says:

    This was incredibly helpful. I picked up a bunch of new tactics. I really liked the email trick where Gael put “no” under the email sign up and it took them to a free ebook. I would love to see more webinars like this.

  • Valentin B says:

    I’ve listened to the webinar yesterday : is down since then.
    Yesterday : server error
    Today : “Your hosting space is ready…
    Your web hosting space is now active and ready to be used.”
    Uhm… What happened ? Did you drop the project ?
    If yes : why ?
    If no : what’s happening ?

  • Leila B says:

    I don’t understand why there are negative comments on this video – it’s extremely clear, informative and actionable.

    Thank you, Shane, for bringing it to Thrive.

  • Miles P says:

    Perhaps a useful and absolutely 100% FREE peice for the negatives at the begining….. Yes the web was a long time ago for another comment but come on…. take a leaf out your own book and instead of babbling on with negativity for god knows how long (didn’t read it all it bored me to death)….

    Another Useful webinar, lessons to be learnt, presented in good faith and not at all a waste of time.

  • Alexander B says:

    A lot of negativity here. I ignored it and will watch the video. I am so new to all of this that I can only expect value. A case study webinar will have facts. That’s what I want to see. Peace and happiness everyone.

    • Michele N says:

      Thank you miles… I thought this was very useful! HOW to sell a product, WHERE to find products to sell, and how important your content is, and feather puffing?? eerrr whatever you called it, was just proof of a successful campaign. Keep these coming Gael is very no nonsense and thorough for every level of marketer.

  • Vance H says:

    Seems doesn’t have a registration page. It assumes you already have a login.

  • Les L says:

    Very good Shane. Covers very well the way in which the business model for creating successful money sites is changing with lots of interesting illustrations on how Gael went about ensuring that his main focus was on good quality content. We all know this now of course, but my guess is that lot’s of us aren’t doing it in the way we should.

  • Bradley P says:

    Is there any way to download this video?

  • Elias R says:

    Audio Quality not so good to follow..

  • vashti w says:

    thanks for the content it was appreciated.

  • Rarely does someone share in such detail on how their business runs. I loved the behind the scenes stuff.

  • Holger G says:

    I am still at the very beginning. First steps into the online marketing. I liked that webinar and would like to see many more of them. I saw it now live, so I can go forward or backward if I like. Only thing that was hard to master for me was the sound quality and strong accent and a lot of technical terms and names that I heard the first time. But I repeated some parts several time, did some google searchs and took a LLLOOOTTTT of information out of that webinar! Thank you very much for it.

  • Heather L says:

    As a newbie and late starter, I found this of interest and learned quite a bit and got some good tips….. Especially around the promotion and about Reddit. Please don’t let the negative feedback below put you off hosting partner appearances, not everything is good for all, however if we only get one valuable snippet, it is worth it. Thank you.

    I agree webinars can be frustrating and take too long, when a lot of the content could be shared in less time….. SMART is what we’re looking for….

    However, people should have more grace when experts and specialists are sharing their knowledge for free.

    It is appreciated. Again. Thank you.

  • Dan Pilgreen says:

    Perfect. This is the same model that the income store uses and they are now on the inc 500 list.
    Great job. It’s right up my alley.

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