5/7 Completed

Day 5:  Capitalize on One of Your Most Visited Pages

60 Second Summary

Up until now you've already learned how to make your offer irresistible to your visitors, how to make sure all of your visitors will see your offer, how to target a specific audience, how to get higher conversions on autopilot and today you're going to optimize one of the most visited pages of your website.

Your About Page

Think about it, people who are reading your about page are interested in you, your company and what you have to offer.

It's the perfect moment to ask them to stay in touch (by subscribing to your newsletter off course).

This opt-in form has to be different from your lightbox or from the post footer. You're not going to use the same wording and maybe you're not even going to put those people on the same list.

That's why you're going to create a short code that you can add to your about page.​

Day 5 Action Plan

Create a short code to insert on your About page.

Extra Resources

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