1. Pick a Goal and Quiz Type



How to Use Quizzes to Boost Conversions


The Four Quiz Goals

1. Build a List

Quizzes are perfect to build a segmented list. You can either use an opt-in gate, which means that the quiz taker will have to give their email address in order to see the results page. Or put an opt-in form on the results page. This will allow you to give a little bit of information about the result and promise a more in dept report when someone opts in.

2. Gather Insights​

Through the answers of the quiz, you'll be able to get valuable insights about your audience which will allow you to get content ideas or adapt email and sales page copy. You'll learn more about how to interpret these results in lesson 6 of this course.

3. Get Social Shares​

Quizzes are fun and people like to share their results as long as you make sure that the result puts them in a good daylight.

Make sure to create a nice looking share badge, to maximize social shares.​

4. Make Sales

Quizzes allow you to make product recommendations on the results page. This can be your own or affiliate products.

The Five Quiz Types

Pick your goal and see what quiz type would fit best:

Quiz type

List Building


Social Shares


True Fan 


Just for Fun



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