3. Breaking Down a Frustration


How to Create an Opt-in Offer in 6 Simple Steps

Your next step is to pick a desire, goal, frustration or fear that you came up with, and start dismantling it into pieces.

One of these pieces will become the foundation for your opt-in offer.

For this example, we'll pick the frustration "How will I get money if I start freelancing?"

To break it down, we offer a simple, almost obvious answer. We then continue by asking further follow-up questions and offering seemingly obvious answers to them.

You know the 5­-year old who keeps asking and asking, drilling into every tidbit of every answer you provide? We need to become that 5-year old. We need to be ridiculously fastidious and nitpicky with our replies.

Once you get to the 5th level of questioning and answering, you'll start to see good building blocks for a solution - your opt-in offer.​

Break Down Your Audience's Frustration






In the above example, the fifth element would be “Which conversations should I take part in?”

What is the fifth element in your breaking down-­list?​

5th element in your break down-list


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