4. Solving the Fifth Element


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Once you’ve found the fifth element of your avatar’s frustration, it’s time to come up with a solution.

Not to their original question, mind. We're only looking for a solution to this one element of their frustration.

If you can’t quite figure out what a good solution or action tip would be right off the top of your head, take some time to research possible solutions.

Example resources you can use for research:

  • Google (Yes, it’s a great place to start!)
  • Amazon Books
  • Quora
  • Forums and newsgroups on your topic
  • Facebook 
  • People who have struggled with the subject and found a solution

While all time you spend researching your topic is useful, you need to come up with a simple solution NOW!

Your Solution

It's easy to get carried away with going too broad on your solution, or answer on a scale that's much too large. When you're looking for answers, keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Your solution needs to be actionable and quick.
  2. ​It must be self­-explanatory and easy to use even for a complete novice.
  3. Aim for simplicity. Focus on solving one single element of one single question.

Look at the fifth element of your avatar’s frustration. What solution did you find?

My Solution to the Fifth Frustration


Example solution:

The fifth frustration element in our example was “Which conversations should I take part in?”

To answer that, we need to show our readers how they can find the right conversations and people. My solution would then be “How to find clients and jumpstart your freelance career."

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