5. Title Your Solution


How to Create an Opt-in Offer in 6 Simple Steps

Now you need to take the solution from Step #5 and turn it into the title of an actionable worksheet (or audio file or video).

Example title:

My solution was “How to find clients and jumpstart your freelance career."

My worksheet will be called “10 Steps to Quickly Become an Authority in Any Forum”

Be sure to include tangible timeframes like “5 Steps to” or “Achieve in 10 Minutes” or “The 10 Quick Resources” because they make it abundantly clear how long the worksheet takes to complete.

Use the format:

Timeframe + Tangible Benefit​

The Title of My Opt-in Offer


Example titles providing ONE quick solution to ONE small element:

  • 5 Quick Ways to Get Your Kid to Do Their Homework (simple checklist)
  • Train Your Dog to Sit in 5 Steps
  • 6 Easy Steps to Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt
  • 5 Minute Green Smoothie for Energy and Weightloss
  • Blueprint From Zero to Functioning Blog

Example of titles going too broad and becoming much too large for opt­in offer purposes:

  • Interview series of 30 influencers in your field
  • 100 page ebook on becoming a digital nomad
  • How to become a better conversationalist
  • How to make money online
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