6. Turn Your Solution Into a Worksheet


How to Create an Opt-in Offer in 6 Simple Steps

Let’s see what you’ve achieved:

Step #1 You’ve created your audience avatar

Step #2 You’ve focused in on your avatar’s frustration or desire

Step #3 You’ve broken down the frustration into elements

Step #4 You’ve found a solution to the fifth element

Step #5 You’ve come up with a title indicating a timeframe and a clear benefit

Now we’ve reached Step #6

Step #6: Publish it!

You've hopefully done a lot of research on your topic. You should be able to answer the fifth element-question now.

Now you need to make your knowledge publicly available. You can use any form of media you like:

  • Audio​ file
  • PDF
  • Quiz
  • Video

But it always comes down to getting it recorded and getting it published.

That’s your opt­in offer. Congratulations, you’re done!

The Checklist for Opt­in Offer Success

  • Your opt­in offer is ONE solution to ONE problem
  • Your visitor can apply your solution immediately
  • Anyone can see what they’re getting just by glancing at the title of your opt­in offer
  • Your opt­in offer is in line​with what you talk about on your blog/website

When you’ve finished the worksheet, go through this checklist. If you can not check all the boxes, go through the steps again.

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