Checklist for the Perfect List Building Funnel


How to Set Up a Complete List Building Funnel

This is a complementary guide you can use as a reference and checklist alongside the full content presented in the first lesson.

Here are the crucial components we need for an optimized funnel, along with some notes about each one:

The Opt-In Incentive

To make a lead generation page really effective, you should offer an opt-in incentive (also referred to as a “lead magnet”). If all you offer is a subscription to your newsletter, you’ll have a hard time convincing people to sign up. Instead, offer something like a free report or a video series as an incentive. If you don’t have anything to offer yet, the first one to go for is the free report. For example, compile some of the best content from your blog into a short but useful report and offer it as a downloadable PDF.

For more inspiration on opt-in offers, you can check out our blogpost with opt-in offer ideas and the course How to Create an Opt-in Offer in 6 Simple Steps.​

The Opt-In Page

  • Large headline with a compelling benefit statement (what do I get for signingup?) or a message that arouses curiosity.
  • Add an ecover graphic that represents your opt-in incentive.
  • Add a paragraph or a few bullet points explaining what your opt-in incentive is about and why it’s important.
  • Add your opt-in form and use clear, action-oriented language on the form’s button.
  • Add a line of text that clearly states what you want your visitor to do next (e.g.“enter your email address below and click the button to get instant access to the free report”).

The Confirmation Page

I recommend using a confirmed opt-in process in most cases (you can find out why in this video). However, you should not use your autoresponder’s generic opt-in confirmation process because it takes visitors away from your site, it’s impersonal and generic and it adds unnecessary extra steps to the process.

Instead, create a custom confirmation page that communicates clearly what you want your visitors to do next and improves your activation rate for new subscribers.

  • Open the page with a clear success message that tells your visitors they’ve successfully completed the last step.
  • Add crystal clear instructions about what the next steps are.
  • Bonus: for personal branding, add a video with yourself explaining the confirmation steps.
  • Bonus: add an image of the opt-in incentive, to reference the previous page and give your visitors a clear signal that they’re still on the right track.

The Download Page

  • Add a clear success message at the top of the page that confirms the process has been completed.
  • Add the image of your opt-in incentive and link it so that a click on it will start the download.
  • Add a large download link or button below the image.
  • Bonus: also add a second, unadvertised bonus product to this page. This adds value and an unexpected bonus leaves a great impression with new subscribers.
  • Bonus: alternatively, you can try advertising a premium offer on your download page.

Autoresponder Setup

To make this process as smooth and enjoyable for your visitors as possible, there are 3 important steps to take:

  • Set your autoresponder to send new subscribers directly to your confirmation page.
  • Set your autoresponder to send subscribers directly to the download page, as soon as they click the confirmation link.
  • Customize the confirmation message’s subject line and content to be specific to your opt-in incentive and more personal than the generic default messages.
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