Course Introduction – Featured Images and Your Website’s Visual Identity


How To Craft Featured Images That Engage Traffic and Boost Your Online Identity

Did you know that the MOST VIEWED visuals on your website are likely the Featured Images of your posts?

You should treat featured images for content on your website the same as meeting people for the first time. Featured images are your haircut, clothes and personal hygiene creating that critical first impression that can make online visitors curious to stick around or bounce.

Investing even a small amount of time upfront into crafting a consistent visual identity across your featured images will likely pay back huge dividends over the long-run.

Featured images with a visual identity will allow online traffic to easily recognize your content and positively associate with it as your articles gain more views and increased sharing across social media.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

You may think overhauling your featured images will require a team of pricey, pro designers, but this course will show you exactly the opposite.

After completing this course, you’ll understand how several high-traffic websites use everything from stick figures to simple templates to create amazing featured images that constantly work to positively promote their brand.

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