Day 2: Create a Highly Effective Opt-in Form


7 Day List Building Challenge


In this video we'll use Thrive Leads to create the opt-in form.

60 Second Summary

In lesson 1, you learned how to make your opt-in offer irresistible and today you'll create one of the highest converting opt-in forms on your website.

A lightbox pop-up.

Now, you might think that you do not want to annoy your visitors with a lightbox, but trust me on this one and change the way you think about the pop-up.

You have created something (or you have your newsletter) that will actually HELP your visitors. Now it is your mission to help as many people as possible.

A lightbox is the best way to make sure everybody sees what you're offering.

If you're worried about being annoying to your visitors, in lesson 7 I'll show you how to make sure your pop-up never shows up to your loyal audience--the people who are already subscribed.

Believe me, if you want more subscribers, you'll love the lightbox!

Day 2 Action Plan

Set up a lightbox on your website.

Need help integrating your email provider?

We have video tutorials on how to integrate any email provider. You can find them here.

Is your system not listed? In that case, you can use the HTML form integration method instead. Click here to see how it's done.

Extra Resources

How to Create Persuasive Opt-in Forms: in this course you'll find more examples to show you how to transform your opt-in forms to make them benefit driven. This guide is part of Thrive University, make sure to login with your Thrive Themes account (created upon purchase).

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