Day 4: Higher Conversion Rates on Autopilot


7 Day List Building Challenge


In this video we'll use Thrive Leads to create the A/B test.

60 Second Summary

Today we're going to start testing.

Don't be afraid, with Thrive Leads, doing an A/B test is actually very easy!

Testing will allow you to get higher conversion rates on autopilot. Make a new opt-in form, push the "start A/B test" button and the test is running on your website.

In the video I show you how testing helped us get 54% more leads on one of our lightboxes.

One important thing you have to keep in mind when you start testing is that you should be testing BIG. Start by testing completely different forms, different form types, different opt-in offers etc. before starting to tweak a single word or some button colors.

That's why I suggest you start by testing a one-step opt-in form against a two-step opt-in form for your lightbox.

Day 4 Action Plan

Create a variation of the lightbox opt-in form and start an A/B test.

Extra Resources

Why I Die a Little on the Inside Every Time You Ask Me What Button Color Converts Best: Article about what you should test and how to make sure your tests are useful.

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