Day 6: Create Endless List Building Opportunities Without Cluttering Your Site


7 Day List Building Challenge


In this video we'll use Thrive Leads to create the Thriveboxes.

60 Second Summary

In today's lesson you're going to discover how to transform any text or image into a link for a two-step opt-in form. As the name indicates, a two step opt-in form is an opt-in form that is is hidden and only after a first step (a click) the form will show.

This means that you can place any text or image on your website and make an opt-in form appear upon click.

This triggered opt-in form is called a ThriveBox.

ThriveBoxes are powerful because they use the force of micro commitments. It works like this: if you've already made a commitment to something, you're more likely to follow that path of action and less likely to change your mind about it.

When you click on a text link or an image, you confirm that you do indeed want the thing that was advertised. And that click is a small commitment. Having made that micro commitment, you are then more likely to fill out an opt-in form when presented with one.

ThriveBoxes also allows you to create a lot of list building opportunities without cluttering your website with opt-in forms.

Day 6 Action Plan

Create a ThriveBox short code and insert it in one of your articles.

Extra Resources

How to create and use a ThriveBox: Step by step written tutorial (if you prefer reading instead of watching the video).
The Easiest Way to Increase Conversions With Multi-Step Opt-In Forms: An article about the psychology behind micro-commitments and how to use them in different ways in your opt-in forms.

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