Do Your Featured Photos Speak For Themselves?


How To Craft Featured Images That Engage Traffic and Boost Your Online Identity

If you want to use featured images that just showcase illustrative, stand alone photos, then this lesson is for you!

Examples of Featured Photos

Gymnastic Bodies

3 Tips for a Balanced Rotator Cuff

Getting Comfortable Going Upside-Down

GymnasticBodies Coach Christopher Sommer Featured in Tim Ferriss Interview

Featured Image Patterns:

  • Photos of athletes.
  • No text.
  • Variation between black & white filters and color photos.
  • Black-out on left and right sides of images to focus attention and illustrate the content.
  • Quick & easy self-creation (no designer needed, but likely a good photographer).
  • Note: The Gymnastic Bodies Blog doesn’t use those featured images on their blog grid which makes their blog page look pretty boring...

Unfortunately, the Gymnastic Bodies blog grid does not showcase their featured photos. 

Max Rive Mountain Photography

Max Rive's Mountain Photography Portfolio Page 

Featured Image Patterns:

  • No text.
  • Every mountain landscape is completely different yet, after looking at just a few of them, you could pick out a Max Rive mountain landscape from any photo lineup!


Using photos alone for featured images is a common yet challenging approach. It’s hard to create a strong visual identity with nothing but a photo, however, the examples above do it well.

If you decide to let your photos do all the talking in your featured images, brainstorm ways you can cultivate a filter or editing style that will connect each image from post to post.

For example, the Gymnastic Bodies Blog blacks out the sides of their photos to focus attention on the center of the image to help illustrate the content.

In the other example, Max Rive Mountain Photography uses master photography, special filters and epic landscapes to create its standout identity.

Again, what you want to avoid is complete randomness like The Bulletproof Blog example from Lesson 2 that doesn't even try to leverage the power of featured images:

Bulletproof Blog - a bad example of feature image visual consistency.

How To Edit Your Featured Photos

PicMonkey is a free online tool you can use to edit your stock and personal photos to create visually consistency across your featured images.

​To see how to apply opacity overlays, filters or even add text like we discussed in the previous lesson, watch Hanne's excellent PicMonkey video tutorial video below:​

PicMonkey tutorial video including how to apply filters on your photos. 

On To the Last Lesson

Now that you’ve got several featured image template ideas in your online design arsenal, the last lesson will show you how to leverage them as promotional tools across social media platforms.

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