Examples of “Quick-and-Dirty” Featured Images


How To Craft Featured Images That Engage Traffic and Boost Your Online Identity

In this lesson, we'll look at some great examples of strong featured image visual identities that use the most basic graphic design skills.

These examples are both entertaining and encouraging for those who lack artistic talent and want to avoid hiring expensive graphic designers.

Read on ​to get inspired!

Neville Medhora’s Kopywriting Kourse Blog​

How to Interview Someone For a Job (with only 1% of the effort)

The Secret Government Project I’ve Been Stealing From For Years

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Featured Image Patterns:

  • ANY type of stock photo + simple stick figures + clipart.
  • Quick & easy self-creation (no designer needed).
  • ALWAYS illustrative of content.
  • Simple, clever and endearing.

Wait But Why

Clueyness: A Weird Kind of Sad

Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story

Why Cryonics Makes Sense

Featured Image Patterns:

  • Simple stick figure characters + basic Microsoft Paint style backgrounds.
  • Quick & easy self-creation (no designer needed).
  • ALWAYS illustrative of content.
  • Simple, clever and endearing.


Both the Kopywriting Kourse Blog and Wait But Why featured image examples show that you don’t have to be an amazing artist or professional designer to establish your own visual calling card across content.

Both blogs act as excellent examples of “quick-and-dirty” featured image design styles that leverage lackluster stick figures requiring little time, effort or skill to create.

This sort of “Just Do It” style actually serves to charm, entertain and impress audiences through its coarse, but playful presentation.

Another interesting observation is that these sites now have the power to add their simple stick figures to ANY Copyright Free image to make them their own.

For example, by combining the iconic King of Spades playing card image with several kindergarten level stick figures, Wait But Why created it’s current logo in less time than it takes to post a graphic design gig on UpWork.

I call this the "Quick-and-Dirty" Graphic Creation Equation:​



The "Quick-and-Dirty" Graphic Creation Equation.

The real lesson here is that crafting a consistent visual identity across your website can be done with very simple and free means for the right type of content, audience and industry.

On To the Next Lesson

If you're interested in using a simple featured image design strategy, but don't think Kindergarten level stick figures are right for your business, check out the next lesson.

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