Featured Images and Social Media


How To Craft Featured Images That Engage Traffic and Boost Your Online Identity

The investment in creating a strong visual identity across your featured images really pays off when you start using those visually consistent images across your social media.

Like it or not, featured images will be the most viewed, shared and consumed element of your online content.

If each featured image works to illustrate your content and communicate your brand, you'll stand out as a much more memorable and trustworthy authority that people will feel safe sharing.

Scroll down through the examples below to see how featured images are used across blogs and social media alike to cultivate a cross-platform visual identity.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Blog Post Featured Image

Thrive Themes Facebook Post

Thrive Themes Tweet

Wait But Why

Wait But Why Blog Post Featured Image

Wait But Why Facebook Post

Tim Urban Tweet

Gymnastic Bodies

Gymnastic Bodies Blog Post Featured Image

Gymnastic Bodies Facebook Post

Gymnastic Bodies Tweet

Course Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this Thrive University course and now have the tools needed to go create your own amazing featured images.

With the tutorials and examples shown throughout these lessons, we hope you'll be able to create an online visual identity that will work to promote your website each and every time you publish new content!

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