Grow Your Online Business With Quizzes



Grow Your Online Business With Quizzes


1. The 5 Types of Quizzes You Should be Using to Get More Insights, Increase Engagement and Get Better Leads & Sales

The Main Quiz Goals

  • Brand Awareness & Traffic: You want a quiz that's highly shareable on social media.
  • Audience Insights: You want to get to know your website visitor better
  • Lead Generation: You want to capture more email subscribers
  • Sales: You want to present a targeted sales offer to the right people.

The 5 Quiz Types

  1. The True Fan Quiz
  2. The Character Quiz
  3. The Expert Quiz
  4. The Vision Quiz
  5. The One Question Quiz

2. How to Set Up Your Quiz in 7 Steps

  • Step 1: Determine 1 main goal
  • Step 2: Imagine what the results page should look like

Choose between a dynamic results page (will load on the same page as the quiz questions) or to redirect your visitors to a custom URL on your site or on a different site.

  • Step 3: Choose the quiz evaluation type
  • Step 4: Pick a title
  • Step 5: Write Q/A and choose the appropriate quiz media
  • Step 6: Connect the dots
  • Step 7: Promote your quiz

3. How to Get the Most Eyeballs on Your Quiz

Add Announcements to Your Website

  • use Thrive Leads to set up a ribbon on your site
  • Use Thrive Leads to set up a lightbox that promotes your quiz
  • Make the CTA in your header about the quiz
  • Add a CTA section to your homepage
  • ...

Schedule Posts on Social Media

  • You can promote your quiz on a regular basis on social media
  • Add links from your profile to the quiz

Invite current subscribers

  • Get the snowball rolling on social shares

  • Enhance your current data

    • PRO TIP: Use the “Hide Smart Complete” option to avoid subscribers have to fill out their information again.

Use Paid Advertising

Once you have an idea on how you quiz converts, you can think about paid advertising.


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  • Hi! You didn’t show us how to add a quiz to the CTA in headings using Thrive Theme Builder…I can’t seem to work out how to do that.

  • I have 4 categories that; once they answer the question, they can see a video for each category. How and where do I add the videos?

  • Hello, I noticed that you have an integration with FluentCRM. So is the tagging system from FluentCRM’s emails compatible with Thrive Quiz Builder? They didnt appear in the list of email providers that you showed yet they have tagging and an integration with Thrive Themes. So is this an oversight and they do integrate or its being worked on or this cant be done for some reason? Thanks for the webinar.

    • Hi Patrick,

      We do not have an integration with FluentCRM just yet (but it’s in testing right now so will soon be available)

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