How to Use Urgency Campaigns Ethically


How to Boost Conversions With Countdown Timers & Urgency Campaigns


While Urgency Campaigns are highly effective, popular and smart for boosting business, they do have somewhat of a bad reputation.

Using Urgency Campaigns The Unethical Way

100% Fake Urgency

Every time a visitor browses the website, they'll be met with a promotional offer that just "happens" to be running with a "couple of hours" left on the clock. The truth is, the same offer is repeated every single day with the same Countdown Timer in place. is the perfect example of a 100% Urgency Campaign

This type of campaigning is not advised by most online marketers, as it's ethically questionable and may lead to companies losing their credibility along with customers too.

Countdown Timers That Don't Do Anything is currently promising subscribers (via their opt-in offer) "Exclusive 2-year deal - Only Now 68% OFF - 30-day money-back guarantee" over the course of 9 hours. currently creates urgency with a Countdown Timer that doesn't have any consequences when the timer hits zero

After the 9 hours have lapsed however, the promotional offer remains unchanged and free of the FOMO-pressure. Neither fair, nor ethical when it comes to using time scarcity in your marketing.

When NordVPN's countdown timer hits 0, the urgency campaign offer remains exactly the same 

Using Urgency Campaigns The Ethical Way

The good news is that there’s no need to create fake urgency or use countdown timers that don’t do anything once they hit zero to set up your own real urgency campaigns.

Let’s now see how you can set up an ethical urgency campaign — step-by-step:

How to Create Actual Urgency & Scarcity For Your Offer

Offer a Temporary Price Discount

Example: Black Friday Sales or Launch offers

Pros & Cons

Offer A Bonus Package

Example: Free bonus consulting call

Pros & Cons

Limit Available Quantity

Example: Only 100 items available (inadvisable with digital products)

Pros & Cons

Limit Available Spots

Example: Only 100 seats available

Pros & Cons

Limit Time Availability

Example: Only available this weekend

Pros & Cons

How To Set Up A Lead Based Urgency Campaign

Now let’s say you get someone to subscribe to your email list, how can you use that visitor action to create a lead based urgency campaign for your business? Here’s how:

  • A visitor to a website signs up to receive your free lead magnet (eg. e-book)
  • This triggers an urgency campaign for a limited time price discount for your online course.

Below is a breakdown of the entire funnel's email communication over the course of 12 days, day-for-day:

  • Day 1:   Sign up to get lead magnet
  • Day 4:   Send Email # 1 “Coming tomorrow!”
  • Day 5:   Send Email # 2 - Cart opens
  • Day 9:   Send Email # 3 “48 hours left!”
  • Day 10: Send Email # 4 “Last 24 hours!”
  • Day 11: Send Email # 5 “Closing in a few hours!”
  • Day 12: Send Email # 6 “Closed. (Look at the comments so far!)

A breakdown of a sales funnel's email communication over the course of 12 days, using urgency tactics

Assets Needed to Create An Urgency Campaign

So what sort of assets do you need to build on your website to create your own urgency campaign? You’ll need a:

  • Lead generation landing page for your lead magnet freebie
  • Opt-in form connected to your Email Marketing Service (like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign)
  • Thrive Ultimatum to set up your Evergreen Campaign Countdown Timers:
    • Countdown Timer on your sales page
    • Countdown Timer that can display on the rest of your website
  • Promotion page (aka sales page)
  • Expired page

In the next lesson, we'll take a look at all the tech needed to build these pages yourself...

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