Introduction: Always Be Testing


The A/B Testing Quick Start Toolkit

This toolkit guides you through more than just how to rapidly launch effective A/B tests on your website.

It’s about teaching you the big lever principles behind running A/B tests that significantly boost conversion rates – across your entire website – over time.

Since you’re reading this, you already know how important A/B testing is to the growth of your online business. You don’t need anyone to convince you of that…

However, it can be overwhelming to know exactly where and what to start testing. If that feeling resonates with you, this A/B Testing Quick Start Toolkit eCourse is going to eliminate your confusion and turn you into a split testing conveyor belt.

This toolkit is here to help you plan, craft and launch your A/B tests in record time using a system that will compound your wins – both big and small – over time, no matter what A/B Testing software you use!

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes Specializes in Creating CRO Tools for WordPress

Here at Thrive Themes, we specialize in creating conversion-boosting A/B testing tools for WordPress that optimize landing pages, opt-in forms, headlines and online quizzes.

But this Quick Start Toolkit eCourse is not a sales pitch for our products. What you learn here, you can use with any A/B testing tool.

The goal is this: to simplify and systematize your A/B testing design and execution into an easy to follow framework you can put on autopilot. We want to help you boost your conversions and gain powerful insights about your audience – every time you test!

In this A/B Testing Quick Start Toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to plan, craft, launch and track your different A/B tests (opt-in forms, landing pages, headlines and quizzes) right now.

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