Introduction – From Internet Rubbish to Content Marketing Gold


From Internet Rubbish to Content Gold

Creating content can be an exercise in frustration, futility and counting gray hairs.

After weeks of non-stop sweating and pressure, you click on publish and ... nothing happens. Little to no visitors or subscribers.

So you try again and again, always with severely underwhelming results.

This is not what you signed up for. You're spending all this effort and have nothing to show for it.

If that sounds familiar, you might have a problem with your content marketing.

All your efforts will end up as waste in the abyss of unseen internet content.

In this course, we'll change that.

How to Turn Rubbish Content into Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing is about turning your readers from random visitors into subscribers and eventually into customers.

A successful content marketing strategy fulfills three fundamental points:

  • Your content needs to be attractive and alluring to ever gain the attention of your reader. (But still be better than Buzzfeedy clickbait.)
  • Your content needs a solid marketing strategy to turn your reader into a customer. (But still avoid being salesy or manipulative)
  • You need to publish new content constantly. (But avoid publishing useless fluff.)

Sounds like a handful, right? How could you ever take on this monumental task yourself, considering all the other roles you have to fill in your business?

Don't worry. It's possible.

In this course, you'll discover all you need for a killer content marketing strategy:

  • How to write engaging and informative articles irresistible to your potential readers.
  • How to create a marketing strategy to form a structure and direction for the content you create.
  • How to create useful high quality articles in hours.

This course is designed to be worked from beginning to end, but you can jump to any section you wish.

Let's get to it!

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