Next Level Lead Generation


Next Level Lead Generation


In this advanced training, you'll discover:

  1. How to Easily Segment Your Visitors to Increase Conversions & Engagement
  2. How to Improve Your Conversions on Autopilot
  3. How to Engage Your Subscribers

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1.How to Easily Segment Your Visitors

The Importance of Segmentation

  • Higher opt-in rates
  • Better audience insights
  • Targetted follow-ups that will lead to better open rates and more sales

5 Ways to Segment Your Visitors

1. With Radio Buttons (checkboxes or dropdown) and Custom Fields

Works in:

Thrive Leads, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect

Works with:

Any email marketing services for which we provide an integration with custom fields.
Check the up to date list here.

2. Multiple Choice Opt-in Forms

Multiple choice opt-in forms present the visitor with an easy question in the default state of the opt-in form and then shows a targeted opt-in offer based on their choice.

Works in:

Thrive Leads

Works with:

Any email marketing services 

3. Specific Targeting Rules for Opt-in Forms

  • Based on categories, tags, specific posts,...

  • Any type of opt-in form (lightbox, in content, ribbon, slide-in,...)

Works in:

Thrive Leads

Works with:

Any email marketing services 

4. click Triggered Opt-in Forms

Works in:

Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect

In Thrive Leads, you can set a Thrivebox.
In Thrive Architect you can use a Thrive Lightbox

Thrive Lightboxes are different from Thrive Leads Thriveboxes in the way that they:

  • Do not allow for A/B testing
  • Do not have pre-designed templates
  • Do not show you the opt-in statistics

So if you have Thrive Leads, we suggest using Thrive Leads Thriveboxes.

Works with:

Any email marketing services 

5. Quizzes

Click here to sign up for the training: How to Grow Your Online Business With Quizzes that's taking place on Tuesday 9th of June at 9AM Los Angeles.

2. How to Increase Conversion Rates on Autopilot

A/B Testing Opt-in Forms Using Thrive Leads

A/B Testing Landing Pages Using Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is a premium add-on for Thrive Architect that allows you to A/B test your landing pages.

  • Different hooks for 1 opt-in offer (your title)

  • Different designs

  • Video vs no video

  • ...

3. How to Communicate With Your Subscribers


  • 1 off

  • Timely

  • Perfect to stay in touch

  • If itโ€™s not weekly itโ€™s sporadically

Autoresponders (sequences, automations,...)

  • Based on triggers

  • Automatic

  • Evergreen

  • Perfect to start off strong

4. Q&A

All the tools we showed are included in the Thrive Membership!

  • Kathleen says:

    Very well done. Lots of great information without the fluff.

  • Mohamed S says:

    Amazing Hanne!
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer and Jon B says:

    I have a menu category for marriage for example. When someone clicks on that menu, their screen shows a bunch of intros to posts, but they may not click on read more to open a specific post. So if I set up an opt in regarding marriage and set it to category, will it pop ass they scroll the intros to my posts?

  • Daniel says:

    great presentation. i really learnt a lot. i can’t wait to see Acellemail integrated though. keep the hard-work going

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