Part 1: How the Rapid System Works


Rapid Landing Page Building


This course isn't just about building a landing page. It's about using the rapid implementation principle to build a landing page.

This principle is useful not just for landing pages, but can be applied as an overall business philosophy. If you follow this method, you will get results faster and improve upon those results faster than anyone following a more traditional approach to business building.

Your Job is to Ship

An important factor in the rapid system is nicely summarized by Seth Godin: "your job is to ship."

Meaning: your real job is to deliver something. It's to finish something and put it out there. As an entrepreneur, only the things you ship will ever affect your bottom line. Only the things you ship will ever bring value to anyone. Only the things you ship will move your business forward.

Using the rapid implementation principle, you can get really good at shipping.

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