Part 2: Building an Opt-in Page (Live)


Rapid Landing Page Building


In this video, you can see how I use the rapid implementation principle and a simple system of building blocks to put together an opt-in landing page in just about 20 minutes.

As you'll see, we're taking the idea of shipping fast very seriously. The system is built in such a way that you can literally ship a first version of your landing page within a few minutes (and then gradually improve on it).


In the video, I use Thrive Architect to build the landing page. However, I've deliberately kept the layout and design extremely simple, so that this is a page you can build using pretty much any tool you want. Anything that lets you do basic web page editing should be capable of creating a page like this.


For rapid implementation, I like to find free images on these sites:

All the images you find on these sites are 100% free to use for commercial purposes.

If you want to take things further and create a more product-like image for your landing page, check out this guide we've put together for you.

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