Part 3: Build a Sales Page, the RAPID Way


Rapid Landing Page Building


Now that you've seen how we can build up a simple opt-in page from modules, we're ready to take this a step further. You can build out an entire, long-form sales page using the same approach.

We start with almost the same components as before and we introduce a series of new elements that are specific to sales pages.

Just like before, we can do this 100% the rapid implementation way: we can ship a simple but functional sales page very quickly and then improve it and build it out over time.

In other words: ship first, improve next.

Why This Approach Matters

Maybe it seems like I'm exaggerating with this modular, rapid shipping approach. The reason I insist on this approach is because I've seen what usually happens. Most entrepreneurs will have "build sales page" on their to-do list for weeks or months before they even start with it. Then, they'll make a first draft. Which also takes them days or weeks to complete.

Then, they keep working on it, procrastinating on it, working on it some more. They want to make it perfect before they are willing to publish it.

In many cases this whole process takes months. This is the real difference we're talking about, here. It's the difference between having a sales page that can generate sales ready in several hours, instead of several months.

Even worse: the longer the process takes, the more opportunity you give yourself to give up altogether.

Remember: your job is to ship.


One of the most powerful elements on the sales page are testimonials, for social proof. They're also tricky to get by, unless you have a good system in place. Check out this free course to learn how to set up an automatic system for gathering testimonials.

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