Q&A Session


How to Boost Conversions With Countdown Timers & Urgency Campaigns


Below are some questions posted by live masterclass attendees, which Hanne and Christine answered.

Question #1: If a visitor has saved or bookmarked your promotion page, will it direct to the expired page after the campaign is over?

Question # 2: What if a visitor goes into their incognito browser mode to try & deceive the Thrive Ultimatum countdown timer?

Question # 3: Which check-out systems allow you to limit quantities of purchases?

Question # 4: If you have Thrive Ultimatum installed on one domain, but have a course on a subdomain, can a different URL / domain be used in Thrive Ultimatum?

Question # 5: What if a visitor deletes the parameters of a Thrive Ultimatum URL?

Question # 6: Is there a way to lock the check-out page, if it wasn't posted on the website?
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Question # 7 about WooCommerce & Thrive Ultimatum

Question # 8: Is there a way to place active links in a video to allow people to answer questions and thereby segment their answers?

Question # 9: Ribbons showing within the page layout vs. a pop-up. Which is more preferable?

Question # 10: Are ribbons smart-color enabled?

Question # 11: Can a lead receive an email with the promotion page link, without having been acquired as a lead through lead generation efforts?

Question # 12: Are there landing page templates in Thrive Architect you can use to create your urgency campaign funnel?

Question # 13: What is a Thrive Cart?

Question # 14: What are reasonable conversion rates?

Question # 15: Can you assign tags when a user signs up?

  • Franc Karpo says:

    Thanks Hanne for providing this course. I find Thrive Ultimatum confusing. and the course clears up some confusion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It appears that I need an email service API to make an Evergreen campaign work. Unfortunately, I use 1shoppingcart.com and itโ€™s not one of the services that Thrive has hooked up with an API. Other than switching to another service, which would be a massive project, is there any other way to use an Evergreen campaign?

    I have created a few 1shopping cart forms in Thrive Leads without an API.


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