Step 6: Make Sure Your Traffic Funnel Is Congruent with Your A/B Test


The A/B Testing Quick Start Toolkit

One very important question you must ask yourself before launching any A/B test is:

“Are my traffic funnel steps congruent in design, message and value proposition with my A/B test?”

The results of your A/B test can be impacted by poor handoffs between your traffic generation steps (like your Facebook and Google Ads) and your A/B test pages or opt-in forms.

For example, do not run a Facebook ad A/B test while also running your own landing page A/B test. This could mismatch different designs or value propositions that would confuse visitors and make them hesitate from continuing down your funnel (i.e. lost conversions).

You can listen to Shane and our Thrive Themes Facebook ad expert Dave discuss this congruence issue on the ActiveGrowth podcast here.

Before running your A/B tests, just do a quick check to make sure each step in your funnel feels consistent from the perspective of a new visitor.

If you've been applying all these steps as you work through this eCourse, it means that you're almost ready to launch your A/B test!

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