Step 9: It’s Time To Capture Your A/B Test Insights


The A/B Testing Quick Start Toolkit

I’m sorry to break it to you, but most of your A/B tests will probably yield small wins or inconclusive results.

But that’s not a bad thing!

The reality is that several small conversion optimization wins across your website add up over time. And even your inconclusive or negative results help slay bad marketing ideas and bring losing value propositions to your attention.

After any inconclusive, meh, or negative A/B test, think: “Sweet, my audience either doesn’t care about this or hates it! Good to know!”

Once you start using these insights to inform your future tests, you’ll quickly hone in on better value propositions that will earn you BIG conversion rate wins down the road.

Track Your A/B Test Results

What data and insights should you record after every A/B test?

The answer varies based on whether you’re A/B testing opt-in forms, pages or headlines.

To make things simple, download our Thrive Themes A/B Testing Results & Insights Tracking Tool by clicking the "Download My Free Tracking Tool" button below:

The A/B Testing Results & Insights Tracking Tool contains separate sheets to help capture your results for every type of test: 

  • (Landing, Sales, Lead Generation) Page A/B Tests

  • Opt-in Form Tests

  • Blog Post Headline Tests

  • Online Quiz Page Tests

You’ll also find an example sheet that shows you how to use the tracking tool.

Did the A/B Test Confirm Your Hypothesis?

Now that your A/B test is over, you need to decide if it confirmed, denied or couldn’t answer your hypothesis.

Take a little time after each A/B test to capture these insights by writing them down in a place you can easily reference to inform your future tests and marketing efforts.

When you capture these insights, write down what you learned from your test, how it answered your hypothesis and how you think those learnings can be applied going forward.

Use the A/B Testing Tracking Tool to record both your A/B test quantitative results and subjective insights.

Finally, take what you learned and return to Step 1 of this Quick Start Toolkit eCourse to iteratively improve your results by quickly crafting and launching your next A/B test!

Click the next lesson arrow below to wrap up what you've learned in this eCourse as well as get instant access to all our free downloads offered in this eCourse in one place. You'll also get instant access to our A/B Test Rapid Implementation Checklist you can print off and have by your side every time to create a new split test.

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