Strategy 1: The Affiliate Product Review



Boost Your Next Affiliate Promotion

There’s a big difference between a product promotion and a product review and that difference can be summed up in one word: value.

If you’re simply sending a promotion, then all you’re doing is telling people to buy something so that you can make some money.

In a product review, you’re providing real information and insight for your readers.  But all product reviews are not created equal, so here are some factors that set the good promotional reviews apart from the bad ones:

Provide Proof & Examples

Perhaps the biggest mistake I see affiliates make is that they do little more than re-phrase the sales page in their so-called review. I’ve also seen a growing trend of making videos where the affiliate simply scrolls through the sales page for the product and narrates it.

That’s not a review and you can be damn sure your audience won’t confuse it for one, either! 

Instead, supercharge the value in your review by providing real life examples. Explain how you’ve used the product and what your experience was like. If possible, show examples of yourself using the product or create short tutorials explaining how to use the product.

Doing this not only provides proof that the product works, it also builds a connection between the theoretical benefits of a product and the reality of using it.

Make the Review Long & Detailed, but Also Skim-Friendly

A long, detailed review shows that you’ve really spent some time with a product and that you aren’t just dropping an affiliate link to quickly grab some cash.

While a long review is going to be seen as a positive thing by all your readers, you have to keep in mind that many of them won’t actually read all of it. For these readers, make sure the review is skim-friendly by breaking it up into clear segments with a sub-heading for each one.

Adding images and bullet-point lists also helps.

Finally, use an overview section at the top and a summary section at the bottom to catch the attention of your less patient readers. 

Don’t Shy Away from Highlighting Negative Aspects 

There have been several tests that showed negative reviews can actually increase sales of a product (as long as the majority of reviews are positive). Most likely, this is because if everything you read is 100% positive, it doesn’t seem very plausible.

The same applies to a product review: Even if your ultimate goal is to promote the product, you should avoid turning your review into a 100% positive hype-fest. Instead, aim to focus the majority of the review on the biggest benefits of the product, but also add a few minor nags you have about it.

This makes your review more credible, more valuable and could boost your conversions significantly.

Add a Clear Recommendation & Promotion at the End 

Once all is said and done, don’t leave the reader feeling ambiguous. Make a very clear recommendation for the product, add a strong call to action and a large link to click.

Why this Strategy Works 

This product review strategy is especially effective for products you can promote in the long term. Because the content is meaty, it’s possible to get a good amount of organic traffic to it and because it provides real value, readers will share it on social media.

In my experience, the direct conversion rate from a review is sometimes lower that from a more direct promotion.

However, all of my most successful affiliate promotions (including ones that brought in multiple thousands of dollars per month over long periods of time) were based on this type of product review strategy.

In fact, the second strategy, that you'll discover in the next lesson, is a variation of the product review and can be even more powerful...

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