Strategy 2: The Comparison Review



Boost Your Next Affiliate Promotion

In some way similar to the product review, in a comparison or roundup review, you compare a whole range of similar products, list their pros and cons and end up declaring a winner.

This type of review is hugely valuable for your readers because in any market with multiple competing products “but which one should I get?” is a burning question on the minds of potential buyers.

Even better: it’s the kind of question people ask themselves when they are ready to buy.

Here are the things to keep in mind, to make a roundup review work:

Follow a Clear Structure 

The more products in your roundup, the longer your review will be and the more important it is to keep a clear structure and make your content easy to consume.

A simple structure to follow is this:

  • Product name
  • Short Introduction
  • List of positive points
  • List of negative points
  • Conclusion and rating

Repeat these same points in the same layout for each product in your roundup.

See ‘Product Review’ Tips 

Everything I wrote in lesson 1 about an effective product review applies here as well. You have to actually have used all of the products so you can report real life results.

Your review should be long, but easy to scan through. And you should mercilessly highlight the shortcomings of products in your roundup.

Provide a Clear Answer at the End 

Ideally, there should be one clear winner at the end of your roundup, so that you can remove all uncertainty and confusion, tell readers which product is the best and send them off to buy it.

If there really are several highly recommendable products in your review, draw very clear lines around them and define which one is best for what kind of person.

The worst thing you can do in a comparison review is provide a “lukewarm” rating for most of the products and then leave the decision up to the reader. This will kill your conversion rate and readers will go look elsewhere for clearer answers. 

Why this Strategy Works 

The comparison review works for the same reasons that the product review works, but even more so. It delivers even more value to your readers and it has massive long-term earnings potential.

Another advantage of the comparison review is that very few people ever do it, because it takes a lot of effort to do it right. 99% of affiliates will choose a simple, lazy email promotion over investing the hours required for a good comparison review. In other words: they’re leaving a lot of money on the table for you to grab!

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