Strategy 4: The Recommended Resources Page



Boost Your Next Affiliate Promotion

This is the laziest of all the affiliate promotion strategies here, but it can work surprisingly well. Think about this: in your area of expertise, what are your favorite or most recommended tools, websites and resources?

Simply make a list of all those tools and resources and link to each one with an affiliate link (if possible). Add a brief paragraph about why or how you use this particular tool for each one and you’re done!

People are always interested to know what the experts use. They want to see inside your tool box, so to speak. A simple resource page provides exactly that and there are two ways to use it:

Use it as a Default Page on Your Site 

You can have a “My Recommended Tools” link in your site’s navigation and you’ll be surprised to see how the clicks on that link accumulate over time. And of course, all that traffic going to the page will also translate into commissions.

Use it as an Opt-In Incentive to Build Your List 

This is my preferred use: make this resource page available only to people who opt in to your mailing list.

Even though the resource page is very easy to create, it makes for a very desirable opt-in incentive and you’ll typically see good conversion rates on this offer.

This way, you can use it to build your list and to generate affiliate commissions.

That's It

I hope you'll implement these strategies and see results.

To help you get faster results, we've created a pre-built template for each of the strategies in this course and added them to the landing page templates library in Thrive Architect.

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