Structure of an Optimized About Page


The About Page Formula


Takeaways from Lesson 2

The About Page Formula

  • Headline and Faces - Communicate who you are and what you do for the visitor, picture of you (or your team) and consider the mighty search engine.
  • Differentiation (UVP) - What unique value do you/your company provide? How are you different from the competition? Why is this difference important? 
  • Proof and Summary - What proves your expertise, proves you're worth paying attention to? Provide a quick summary of your story and purpose of the site. Authority proof and testimonials work great for this.
  • Content - Link to your best content.
  • Story - Describe your origin story (as it relates to your brand). Include your values, cause, and mission. Show strength and vulnerability.
  • CTA - Lead Generation, or social networks (optional).

The 3 Questions Your About Page MUST Answer:


Who are you?


What can you do for me (the visitor)?


How are you different from the competition?

About Page Examples

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