Take Your Post from Good to Great


RAPID Blog Post Method


The System


Cut - What can you remove and simplify? Where can you get to the point?


Content Patterns - Follow a repeating structure like the ones here - thrivethemes.com/content-pattern/.


Show, Don't Tell - Add examples, screenshots, metaphors, and/or stories.


Sources & Experts - Where can you support a statement with proof? Where can you quote an expert?


Design for Structure - Icons, images, tables, highlight boxes, pros & cons.

  • Lauren R says:

    Thanks Shane. This workshop was really good and I specifically took a lot form following a content pattern. I previously been following the “bridge model” and I was churning out content. Recently, Ive been following no system and I’ve been staring at a blank screen for 2 weeks. Thanks for the reminder!

  • jpaton says:

    Thank you for all this great information.
    And thank you for the unintentional advice to an other topic 😉 :
    How to make an video efficiently even if you make a little mistake.
    (look minute 10:10 to 10:30)

    Next time when i record a video i know that i can continue the recording even if i make a little mistake. Its a great idea to try several times with a sentence and cut or editing the wrong one out instead starting the hole video recording from the beginning.
    By the way … would be a good topic: How to prepare and record a video efficiently.

  • Philipp K says:

    love the content of this course (what else did you expect from Shane and ThriveThemes)?

    This content alone is worth multiple times the subscription for TT and all the other great stuff comes as icing on the cake 😉

    One remark regarding the content blocks feature in Thrive Architect. A way to save custom / adjusted content blocks can be done by use a content box first, then insert the content block into that (at least for me, it dead). See also my comment on the page that where the new feature is introduced.

    Again, love this, now off to writing 🙂

  • Tibor Szucs says:

    Thank you, Shane. This is a super valuable content – as always.

    Making the first draft I do with free writing, which means writing with a pen without any breaks, just writing the thoughts out from my head. During this, I use a highlighter pen to mark key ideas. Writing with your hand without any breaks sometimes jus better than thinking or even speaking. You should try it once:)
    In the end, I put the highlighted keywords into a text on my laptop.

    So, I have my own system to create blog posts, but now I will make it better with your system. It’s really great.

  • Janice B says:

    Thank you Shane this was super-great information and I now feel much more confident about creating blog content.

    For me, I think one important lesson here is to knock that perfectionism on the head and give myself permission to let the content evolve over several ‘sittings’.

    The explanation of the new content blocks builder is now firing my imagination whereas I skipped over it a bit before!

    What I really love about the way you teach is that you are ‘real’ about what is humanly achievable. You say it as it is whereas so many other teachers out there give you a sense of inadequacy; you know, jumping from novice to super successful in one leap!

    The lessons you provide makes being a member of and using Thrive Themes the most incredible value. 🙂

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      Thank you very much, Janice! I’m glad to know this was useful for you. And I appreciate your feedback on my teaching style.

  • him.bisht044 says:

    I think my big mistake is trying to write the perfect blog post. And I end up creating a post that is really thin.
    Evolving over time is the key.

    • Shane Melaugh says:

      That is a good insight! I have a lesson coming out soon that will teach the best approach I know for solving this problem. 🙂

  • Elizabeth R says:

    Love this information, it going to help me improve the content on my blog.

  • Jim says:

    Very happy I found this video series. I needed to streamline my content creation and get more posts out in support of several websites, social media, and YouTube. Shane’s advice is very timely for me.

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