The Tech: How to Create Your Own Urgency Campaign


How to Boost Conversions With Countdown Timers & Urgency Campaigns


Now, let's put what we've learnt so far into practice.

The Lead Generation Cycle

One of the first funnels you'll need to build to ultimately set up a lead based urgency campaign is a lead generation funnel.

In fact, here’s some examples of the different lead generation assets you’ll need to create for this purpose:

Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead Generation Landing Page, with a "Get Started Now" button that triggers a lightbox

Lead Generation Opt-In Form

Example of a lead generation form (a lightbox form type) presenting a free opt-in offer

Confirmation Page

Confirmation Page (in this case a "Thank You" Page), which gives a download link for newly-subscribed visitors to get their freebie

Lead Generation Funnel Overview

So if we take a look at the entire lead generation cycle, it should end up looking something like this on your website:

The complete lead generation cycle of your opt-in funnel should look something like this

Automated Email Marketing Funnel

Now that you have a lead generation funnel signing new visitors up to your email list, now it's time to create an automated email marketing funnel that sends multiple emails over set times to new subscribers after they sign up. Ideally, you'll include an email with a special offer link back to your promotion page at some point in your email series.

Here's some examples of the automated email assets you'll need to create:

Welcome Email

A "Welcome Email" should be sent to new subscribers directly after signup

Promotional Email - Day 4 in the Email Series (for example)

Day # 4 in the Funnel - Receiving an email with a special link to the offer a new subscriber showed interest in

Promotion Page (a.k.a Sales Page)

Promotion Page, with Countdown Timer including the special offer PLUS the bonus package or a price discount

Website Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers can even be synchronized and integrated into a blog post, to show and "urge" visitors to commit

Email Marketing Funnel Overview

So now, let's take a big picture look at the email marketing funnel you’ll have set up after creating & properly linking all these different assets: 

The Complete Email Marketing Service cycle of the Funnel

Urgency Campaign Expiration Funnel

So what happens once your countdown timers expire?

You'll need to set up some expired campaign assets to ensure that those visitors who didn't take action know your urgency campaigns are serious business...

Expired Page

After Day # 12 (for example), the offer will have lapsed as your cohort based online may have already begun. So in this situation when a subscriber clicks a promotional link in your email marketing funnel, a Expired Page will load, stating "Enrollment for … is currently closed". You can prompt that visitor to join your waiting list for the next course if they missed out.

Expiration Funnel Overview

Here's the big picture view of how your urgency campaign should operate once your time-limited offer expires:

An overview of your urgency campaign expiration funnel

Here's the Urgency Campaign Assets You Now Need To Build

So here’s what you’ll need to create on your website to build something similar:

4 Key WordPress Pages

Use Thrive Architect landing page templates to create the following great looking pages:

  • Lead Generation Page
  • Confirmation Page
  • Promotion Page
  • Expiration Page

The 4 key WordPress pages you'll need to create for your urgency campaign

Lead Generation Opt-In Form

Use Thrive Leads to create an advanced opt-in form design (like the lightbox example you see below) or use a Lead Generation element within your lead generation page using Thrive Architect.

An Opt-In Form popup lightbox example built with Thrive Leads

How To Set Up an Urgency Campaign with Thrive Ultimatum

When it comes to building & deploying an urgency campaign on your WordPress website that actually has consequences when your countdown timers reach zero, you'll need to use Thrive Ultimatum to set that up.

Create a New Campaign inside the Thrive Ultimatum Dashboard

First, create a new urgency campaign inside the Thrive Ultimatum dashboard

Setting Up an Evergreen Campaign

From there, set up an Evergreen Urgency Campaign in Thrive Ultimatum:

Choose the "Evergreen Campaign" and set the type of countdown to "Absolute"

Lock Your Evergreen Campaign Down

Set the countdown duration to 12 days, click "Activate Lockdown", start the countdown "When a lead generation form is submitted" and choose your countdown trigger

Display Your Countdown Timers on Your Blog Posts Too

Choose to show the countdown timer on "All Posts"

Set Up Your Redirect Links

In the Lockdown settings, be sure to choose your URLs for the Pre-Access Page, Expiration Page and Promotion Page and set up your campaign

The Special Lockdown Link You NEED for Your Follow-up Emails

tu_id = What identifies the ultimatum campaign

tu_em= What identifies the email of the person who clicks

You need to use THIS LINK in your follow-up emails!

Setting Up Your Thrive Ultimatum Countdown Timers

Next, set up an advanced countdown timer using Thrive Ultimatum:

Choose between top or bottom countdown timer ribbons, widgets and shortcodes

Choose the most suitable & attractive countdown timer ribbon from the Thrive Ultimatum countdown timer template library

Customize your countdown timer ribbon design for desktop, tablet and mobile, as well as the design that will show for different states during your urgency campaign

Establish your urgency campaign Timeline Event Settings. This will determine which countdown timer design state (ribbon, shortcode or widget) will appear when.

Check out your urgency campaign timeline to see what countdown timer design state will trigger when.

Wrapping Up

So in summary, here's what tools we used to boost conversions with Countdown Timers & Urgency Campaigns in this Masterclass:

  • Thrive Architect, to set up the key WordPress pages.
  • Thrive Leads, to create an opt-in form.
  • Thrive Ultimatum, to ensure that the urgency campaign works because the countdown timers result in actual consequences for visitors who don't take action.

To get instant access to all of these tools and more, get Thrive Suite today!  

  • Yolanda M says:

    Thanks Hanne for another awesome webinar! You mentioned that the email subscriber must click on the special link from their email. I envision sending the subscriber to the special promotions page in one email using the special link. From there I’d like to send them to blog posts where they would see a ribbon with the special offer. Would they need to click on the special link in every email or after they click on it once I can then start sending them directly to blog posts where I assume the ribbon would be visible to them? Thanks in advance!

    • Hanne says:

      Hi Yolanda,

      No they would not. Only to get access to the “protected” pages (so the promotion page) that wouldn’t be available after the campaign and without the link.

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