The Writing Process


RAPID Blog Post Method


A System is Good, but the Greatest Lever is: a Deadline

Set a clear deadline, in the near future, for a milestone. If you have clear, strong, near deadlines, you'll make it happen (even without a great system).

The System


Outline - Core ideas & "must mentions." Trello is a great tool for organizing your process. Here's how I use it for creating content.


Make a list - Add action steps, takeaways, recipe, mistakes, lessons...


CTA - Decide on your call to action for this piece.


Draft - Write a shitty first draft. Keep writing, however poorly. It's easier to refine than to create perfection. Still stuck? Get up and voice record your stream of thoughts as it takes away the pressure of writing.


Take a Break - Step away, take a break (ideally overnight). Then, come back to turn your draft into post (do this twice, maximum).

  • Romain H says:

    Thanks for these pieces of advice. I ll follow those steps, definitely. I like the idea of coming up with an outline first… I d heard that advice before but never knew how to break this down in practice.
    Best from France

  • Steven J Palange says:

    Love this! Who the heck are you guys??? Great content for those in need….

  • Kris Kemp says:

    Thank you! This is so helpful! Am a writer and ebook author and it’s like walking through a gold mine … so many nuggets. : )

  • Jorge says:

    Awesome tips. I guess a full “blog-template” with all the sections you mention (ready to fill-in) would be of great help to follow all your recommendations, avoiding any tip overlook.
    THANK you very much!

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