What to Sell if You Don't Want to Create Online Courses



How to Start Selling Your Expertise Online


In this lesson, you'll learn what digital product you should sell if you DON'T want to sell online courses... an understandable hang up for some digital product entrepreneurs.

Press the video play button to find out which type of digital product works best for your unique strengths and niche of expertise.

  • Thanks for the suggestion about analyzing something. I do a lot of this when evaluating property projects, and I was thinking that I could provide this to people as a service.

  • I created a website two months ago solely based on explaining a certain method of relationship counseling. I use the method with my clients and with the method, the counseling process always starts with a formal assessment of the relationship. I got the idea to sell this as a product/service and already had a handful of customers buying it. Nice to see it here in the suggestions as an option.

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