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Adding Guarantee Boxes to Your Thrive Architect Pages

Guarantee boxes are commonly used for sales pages to lower the risk for the buyer of a particular product or service. They typically come in the form of a money-back or quality guarantee.

Here’s an example guarantee element built with Thrive Architect:

Apart from the information found in the article, you can also follow the instructions from the following video tutorial:

Add the Element to the Post/Page

The “Guarantee Box” can be found in the right sidebar list of elements.

In order to add it to your page post or template, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

This will open a list with all the Thrive Architect elements. Look for the “Guarantee Box” element, or type its name in the search bar:

Afterward, simply drag and drop the element to your content.

As soon as you do that, you will be prompted with a template library. Browse the list and pick the design that you like the most. You will still be able to further customize it using the left sidebar list of options:

Choose the Template

If you have changed your mind regarding the chosen template, you can always pick another one, from the first section of the left sidebar options:

The template library will open once more, so you can go ahead and pick a different template.

Note: If you want to replace the template, make sure you do this before adding any content or customize the existing content of the “Guarantee Box” element. If you decide to change the template at a later stage, after customization has been done on it, all the changes will be lost.

Use the Main Options

You can next proceed with customizing the element as you best see fit, using the remaining features of the “Main Options”:

Let’s go through each of them one by one.


Click on the available color picked to change the main accent colors of your “Guarantee Box”:

There are several options you can choose here. You can either unlink from the theme color and pick an entirely new color from the color picker, or choose from the predefined list of colors:

Maximum Width

Next, use this slider if you want to adjust the width of the “Guarantee Box”:

Minimum Height

Similarly, use the next available slider to adjust the height of the element:

As your “Guarantee Box” can be made up of multiple content boxes, you will be able to use the corresponding linking options of the “Content Box” element.

Activate the toggle next to “Add link to Content Box”:

You’ll get a new set of options to use here. You can apply static and dynamic links to your element, as well as jumplinks.

Here’s a dedicated section of the main “How to Use the Content Box Element” article that might be useful to you if you want to go into more detail about how to use these options.

Vertical Position

Use these three options to adjust the vertical positioning of the content within the “Guarantee Box”:

Background Image

If the design you picked for the “Guarantee Box” comes with an image added to it, then you will have this additional option in the left sidebar of your “Main Options”:

Click on the “Replace Image” field in order to change the existing image.

If you want to make more advanced changes, then make sure to access the “Background Style” section of the left sidebar, just as this tooltip says:

Here’s a dedicated article from our knowledge base if you want to learn more about this topic:

So, as you can see, the options available for the “Guarantee Box” are identical to the ones available for the “Content Box” element. Don’t forget to check out all the tutorials for the options, in the Thrive Architect tutorials section!

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