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Copying Thrive Content to Another WordPress Site

Have you designed a website’s landing pages, posts, and themes and would like to carry them forward to other websites you work on?

In this article, we’ll show how to export and import a theme customized using the Thrive Theme Builder and pages/posts created using Thrive Architect in a few easy steps.

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Exporting and Importing Thrive Theme Builder Themes

Replicating a fully customized theme on another website is hard work! The Thrive Theme Builder makes this easy by quickly exporting and importing your themes from one website to another.

There are two ways you can do this:

Exporting and Importing Landing Pages Designed With Thrive Architect

Like themes, landing pages also take time to be framed and designed. So, if you want to reuse your landing pages on other websites, you can export and import them easily with Thrive Architect.

Here’s how you can do that:

Exporting and Importing Pages/Posts Designed Using Thrive Architect

Customizing ready templates is one thing, but when you’ve built a page or designed a post from scratch, you’d want to skip all the efforts when you work on them the next time. This is why Thrive Themes has made it easier for you to export and import regular pages and posts built using Thrive Architect.

Exporting All Theme Builder Content (Themes, Pages, and Posts) Using the Design Pack

Using our Design Pack, you can export all your work with the Thrive Theme Builder to another website using Thrive Themes. This export will include themes, landing pages, regular pages, and posts.

To learn how to export all of this content together, please check out this article.

Importing Website Content Using the Design Pack

Thrive Themes allows you to import all the exported content in various ways. But one universal way to import them is by using the Design Pack.

We’ve just seen how to export and import different content using the Thrive Themes features.

Next, do you need help finding the imported content types in your WordPress dashboard? Here’s an article that’ll help you.

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