How Do I Make My Website Look Like the Demo Website?

If you’re looking for a way to make your website look like one of the demo sites of the Thrive Theme Builder companion themes, keep reading this article.

Here are the demo sites for the current Thrive Theme Builder themes:

There are a few basic steps that will help you achieve the same look as the one on our Demo Website.

Install and Activate the Theme

First of all, make sure that the theme (for example ShapeShift) has been installed and activated on your website. We’ve described the entire process and how to do this in a separate article, here.

Choose the Homepage and Default Templates

Once the theme has been activated, you can either go through the Site Wizard, and choose various items from there, or you can go to the “Templates” section and start customizing the “Default Templates”.

These will automatically be available for you once you activate the theme. If you’re not sure what theme templates are, please take a look at this article.

Customize the Templates

The Default Templates will immediately be added to your “Templates” section. From there on, you can start customizing each one, with the use of the Thrive Theme Builder editor.

This is how you can change the elements and the “Demo Content”, to transform the templates and make them suitable for your site. We do have various resources on how you can customize the templates, as well as how to use the elements of the Thrive Theme Builder editor.

For all that information, feel free to check out the Thrive Theme Builder section of our knowledge base. Here are some articles that might help:

Change the Demo Content

An important step when using the pre-designed templates and content is to make sure that you change the “Demo Content”. This is because, most of the templates come with various elements, which, if not customized, will not be able to properly serve their purpose.

For example, if the “Demo Content” comes with a “Call to Action” element, make sure to set the “Target URL” field for this element, so that whenever someone clicks on it, they will be directed to another page, that being the actual purpose of this element.

We do have more examples, and also some reasons why you should change the “Demo Content”, here.

Apply the Templates to your Pages/Posts

Then, you should know that it is not enough to customize and build templates. After you do this, make sure you go to your pages and posts and actually apply the templates to them.

Even if you use the “Content Drop-down”, this will allow you to preview and see how the template looks like on certain content, but this will not actually apply the template to the respective content. The way to apply templates to pages and posts is described in more detail here.

Once all of these steps had been taken care of, you should be able to build your own site, similar to the demo one, but with your own content and information on it. Here’s a useful resource that might help you recreate various designs from our demo websites:

Also, if you need more information about various Thrive Theme Builder Elements, make sure to check out the dedicated section that we have for it in our knowledge base.

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