Using the Right Sidebar Options of the Thrive Theme Builder Editor

When using the Thrive Theme Builder Editor, the right sidebar will come in very handy, since this is where you can add new elements from, change the theme color, or even switch to Thrive Architect.

This article will go through each of the options that can be done using the right sidebar. When you access the editor, this is how the right sidebar looks like:

It consists of four main options:

  • Add Element
  • Central Style Panel
  • Reset Template
  • Switch to Thrive Architect

Keep reading to find out how you can use each of these options.

Add a New Element

The very first option from the right sidebar is the “Add Element” option. This is very similar to the one from the Thrive Architect editor, even though, the elements that you can add might differ.

In order to open this section, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

A list of all the Thrive Theme Builder elements will open:

The elements are divided into sections.

For each of these elements, we do have separate articles. You can find all of them in our knowledge base (some of them are specific to Thrive Theme Builder, whereas some of them work exactly the same as the elements from Thrive Architect).

In order to add an element to the template, scroll down to locate it, or type its name in the search bar. I will use the “Logo” element as an example:

Then, once you find the element, drag and drop it onto the template, where you see fit:

The element has been added to the template. You can then start customizing it, with the use of the options that appear on the left sidebar, or you can add more elements.

Central Style Panel

The second section of the right sidebar is called “Central Style Panel”, and this is where you can play around with the theme colors. Click on the option in order to access it:

Since this option is a bit more complex, we have written a separate article about it. If you want to find out more information about the “Central Style Panel”, make sure to read this article.

Reset Template

The next option from the right sidebar is called “Reset Template”. You can use it in order to bring back the template to its original state, how it looked like before you started customizing it.

Click on this option if you want to reset the template:

A pop-up will open, where you can confirm if you want to reset the template. Click on “Reset Template” if you want to continue:

The template will then be taken to its initial look.

Switch to Thrive Architect

The last option from the right sidebar is the “Switch to Thrive Architect” option:

It is important to understand the difference between editing a post or a page template in the Thrive Theme Builder editor, versus editing the page or post in the Thrive Architect editor.

When you edit a template in Thrive Theme Builder using the editor, you are actually editing the template itself and the design of it. You can add elements, customize the sections, etc., but you can not make modifications to the actual content of a post or page.

If you want to edit the content, you will have to switch to Thrive Architect.

This is why this option comes in very handy. If, at some point, while customizing a template in the Thrive Theme Builder editor, you want to make some changes to the content of the template, simply click on this option, and you will be taken to the Thrive Architect editor.

Note: You might have noticed that, when editing a post or page in Thrive Architect, you also have some options in the right sidebar that refer to “Templates”. It is important to remember that:

  • in Thrive Architect, the templates are actually the Landing Page templates, thus the “Change Template” option from the right sidebar allows you to change the Landing Page template;
  • in Thrive Theme Builder, when you edit a template, that means that you are editing the design of a post or page, thus the “Reset Template” option means that you will reset the way the respective post or page looks like, after making some modifications to it.

These were the ways in which you can use the options from the right sidebar of the Thrive Theme Builder editor.

If you want to find out more information about various Thrive Theme Builder features, make sure to check out the dedicated section we have in our knowledge base.

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