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Sharing Your Website’s Temporary Access With the Thrive Themes Support

Do you want our support team to look into your website and help with anything? You can open a support ticket with us and share the required information to help us help you better.

To get the required information, open your WordPress dashboard admin, navigate to Thrive Dashboard >> Thrive Dashboard, and click the Support Login button seen on the top right of the screen.

A popup appears when you click the Support Login button. On the popup, you can set the number of days you want to grant temporary access, and click the Go button to proceed.

When you click on Go, you’ll find the token in the following popup from where you can copy it by clicking the Copy & Close button.

Once you copy the token, open this page to get a One-time Secret link to share the token.

This page will let you add any confidential data and generate a secret link for it. The link will hold the information for 30 days.

So, in order to share your access token secretly, paste the Token you copied into the field, click on the reCaptcha checkbox, and then click the Create Secret Link button.

The secret link will then be created and displayed in the following window.

You can copy the link and share it with us while opening a support ticket through this form.

Similarly, you can use this link to share other confidential information with our support team without having to paste it in a form or an email body.

Next, we’d recommend you read our troubleshooting guides that will help you resolve problems at your end.

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