Thrive Dashboard Walkthrough

When you access your Thrive Dashboard, there are two main available sections:

  • Your Installed Products

  • Thrive Features

The “Your Installed Products” section will include the currently installed and activated Thrive Suite products and the “Thrive Features” one will behold various cards with different sections from where you can customize your site.

Your Installed Products

From this list, you can easily access the dashboard of each of your installed plugins:

Besides that, for each product, you can access its tutorial page or open a support conversation. You can find these options in the top right corner of each product card, by clicking on this icon:

How to Use the Thrive Features from the Thrive Dashboard

For each of the available cards with Thrive Features, you can find a separate article that goes into details about the feature. Please check them out if you need any help:

As always, more tutorials and articles are available in our Knowledge Base here.

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