Thrive Optimize: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, you will find answers to some common questions about Thrive Optimize, including the ones that were asked during the webinar launch for the plugin.

To view the answer to a certain question, simply go through the below list:

Will the Thrive Optimize plugin slow down my WordPress website?

  • Like any other plugin, Thrive Optimize applies its logic to WordPress but its use shouldn’t slow down your website.

Does this work on any theme or just on a Thrive theme?

  • It should work on any theme – Our development team has tested it on a number of random popular themes. As long as your theme is built following the WordPress Codex, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Will the A/B test reload each time the same user visits the page or reloads a page?

  • If the user visits the variation page for the first time, the plugin will remember the user, as a “browser cookie” and the next visit will show the same variation he got the first time. The user will be listed as a “cookie” for 30 days. If the test is still running after 30 days, the user may be shown a different variation.

When a variation page is declared the winner, does it inherit the control page’s URL?

  • Yes, it will. In fact, the variation page only runs on one single URL.

Does the plugin work on blog posts?

  • No, Thrive Optimize was designed to work on Thrive Landing Pages only, but we extended it to normal pages, as well. In the near future, we could make Thrive Optimize work on many other posts, such as Woocommerce products, Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes, Thrive Ultimatum campaigns, etc.

Do I need to be using a Thrive Landing Page template for the “clone” process to work?

  • In order for this to work, you can simply use the “Duplicate” option, from the Variations Dashboard.

Will the subscription goal work if I’m using HTML on my forms?

  • Yes, it will work. You need to use a Thrive Opt-in form that contains a Lead Generation element. This will work both with an API and an HTML connection.

Can I set traffic up for each page individually? (e.g. 70% to Page A and 30% to Page B)

  • Yes, you can. You can adjust the traffic separately for each page – The plugin will allow you to divide all the traffic (100%) into smaller parts, depending on how many variations you have set up.

Are Landing Pages that are in an A/B test slower than “normal” landing pages without a test?

  • It’s really negligible. You will barely notice a difference, especially since Thrive Optimize is compatible with the most used caching plugins (W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, and Autoptimize). If you are using other caching plugins you will have to disable the cache for the variations and “Goal” pages.

  • Cookies only. Many other tracking engines use their own logic which cannot be similar to our own, which only uses cookies.

Can I use Thrive Optimize to run tests on separate WordPress domains?

  • It can only be used on one website at a time. However, you could have Thrive Optimize installed on both websites and build variations for your tests on each website.

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