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Using the Subscriptions Goal Type in Thrive Optimize

On the second step of setting up your A/B test, you will have 3 test goal options: “Revenue”, “Visit Goal Page” and “Subscriptions”.

In this article we will look into how the “Subscriptions” option works:

First of all, in order for the option to work you’ll need to have an Opt-in Form displayed on all of the pages, that means on the Control and on the Variations, as well:

In this way, the Opt-in Form will be the tool through which your conversions will be recorded. Every time a visitor will subscribe on your form, a new conversion will be recorded in the A/B test.

For the Opt-in Form, you can use the Lead Generation element, from the Thrive Architect editor, and display it on the page, connecting it to a service.

Also, you can display an element (e.g. button) and then, through the Animation & Action option, you can link it to a Thrive Lightbox (or a Thrive Leads ThriveBox, if you have Thrive Leads installed on your website).

However, this way, the user will have to trigger the lightbox, and then register on the Opt-in Form, in order to be recorded as a conversion.


If you choose to display a Thrive Lightbox or a ThriveBox, make sure that is has an opt-in form inside it that is also connected to a service.

This is how the Subscriptions goal type works. Don’t forget to check out the other tutorials for Thrive Optimize, as well!

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