Using Revenue Goal Type in Thrive Optimize

On the second step of setting up your A/B test, you will have 3 test goal options: “Revenue”, “Visit Goal Page” and “Subscriptions”.

In this article we will look into how the “Revenue” option works:

First, you have to decide how exactly you would like to measure the revenue, from the two available options described below.

1. When a customer visits certain pages on my site

The first option you can choose from is the one that measures revenue when a customer is visiting a certain page of your website:

You need to set up at least one link or one button on the “Variation Page”, that will send the visitor to a different page.

Then, you need to enter that page (or pages, if you have multiple links) in the “Thank You Page” field:

Then, the most important part of the “Revenue” goal type is setting a certain value per conversion.

What this means is that you need to ask yourself how much does a conversion value for your business?

Then, you can set the value in monetary units in the “Value” field:

You also have the option to add multiple-goal pages, if you also have multiple links/buttons on the “Variation” page:

Below each page that you have entered in the “Thank You Page” field, you will have the options to edit the page with Thrive Architect, preview it, or remove it:

2. When a customer purchases a product through SendOwl

The second option you can choose from while setting your revenue goal test is for when a customer decides to buy a product through SendOwl:

If you select this option, you will notice that additional instructions appear on the screen informing you about how the revenue will be collected.

Keep in mind that in order for this option to work, you need to have already completed the SendOwl setup steps for your products.

If not, you can access the setup page directly from this pop-up, by clicking on the “setup steps” hyperlink:

This is how the Revenue goal type works. Don’t forget to check out the other tutorials for Thrive Optimize, as well!

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