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Thrive Themes Data Collection

At Thrive Themes, we spend a lot of time debating and figuring out how to develop our products as beneficial for our customers as possible, and for them to use Thrive Suite products at their full potential.

Collecting more data directly from our customers is extremely helpful for us to know precisely how our products are being used, as well as be aware of which features could be optimized.

Gathering product usage data will help us understand the behaviour of our users and the information we obtain will serve the purpose of helping us improve our work and prioritize the next development steps.

For this reason, we have included a checkbox in the General Settings, as well as added a pop-up through our plugins, to ask for your permission to gather this data:

It is important to remember that we do not wish to collect any personal data about the admin or the website visitors.

The data will not expose your website visitors or users in any way. This means that, if you have a student that accesses an online course, we will never collect any identifiable information about who those students are.

We are rather interested in information such as – how many courses have been created using Thrive Apprentice; how many course enrollments are there on each course, etc.

If, at any point, you decide to stop sharing your data with us, you can simply access your General Settings and un-check this option:

This will immediately stop your website from sharing any data with us.

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