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Quiz Builder Card Quick Link and Statistics

Once you have created a quiz, you'll notice that it appears on your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard:

The quiz cards give you a high level overview of what's happening with all the quizzes on your site.

​Here is what an individual card looks like and its respective parts:-

  1. You can quickly and easily click this "shortcode" icon to copy the shortcode for the quiz;
  2. Here you can see the relevant stats for the quiz. You'll be able to see the unique visitors that started and completed the quiz. The progress bar shows the number of completions as a percentage of the number of starts;
  3. Here you can see the number of conversions that the quiz has obtained. You'll be able to see both social share and subscriber counts, with a progress bar for each;
  4. Clicking this button will take you to the reporting section of the plugin. Here you will be able to see in-depth reports on how your quizzes are performing;
  5. Clicking this button will take you directly to the settings for this particular quiz.  

There are also some other controls that you can access from each card:-

In the top left hand corner, you have the ability to reorder each card in the dashboard and delete a quiz. The pencil icon allows you to quickly rename the quiz.  

If you see a red exclamation mark, as shown in the screenshot above, it means that some parts of the quiz haven't been set up yet so that the quiz is not ready to be published. You can see exactly which parts are missing by ​editing the quiz.