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What You Need to Know about Thrive Comments and Custom Posts

The Thrive Comments plugin can be used on custom posts, that are built with other plugins. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

There are numerous plugins with which you can build custom post types - In this article, we're going to use as an example the Pods plugin for WordPress. 

Where Does the Problem Occur

The problem occurs when you enable Thrive Comments on your website and, implicitly, on the custom posts that you have built. Users will be able to start leaving comments on the custom posts, but you will encounter difficulties in replying to those comments.

More exactly, when you are trying to give a reply from the Moderation Dashboard. You will receive the following error: "Sorry, you are not allowed to read the post for this comment". 

"How Can I Fix This?" 

First of all, the problem occurs because of the so-called "Rest APIs", which is used by WordPress and Thrive Comments, but not by the plugin through which you have built the custom post. 

To fix this, you will have to find a way to enable "Rest APIs" for the plugin. In the case of the Pods plugin, you will have to access Pods Admin > Edit Pods: 

Then, select the custom post on which you want to reply to the comments: 

Look for the "Rest API" option: 

Enabled it by selecting the "Yes" checkbox: 

Save the Pod and you're done! 

If you are using other similar plugins, look for the "Rest API" options and enable them for the custom post on which replies from the Moderation Dashboard are restricted.