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Boost Your Next Affiliate Promotion



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4 strategies, 4 templates and why they work.


Due to the nature of the online marketing space, affiliate marketing is often presented as some kind of well from which free, unlimited money springs eternal.


If you’ve done any affiliate marketing yourself, you of course know that this image is far from reality.


Yes, it can be very gratifying to send an email promotion to your mailing list and have that generate income for you without any further work required. But it’s just as likely that you send a promotion and see little to no commissions as a result.


Just like any kind of marketing, the effectiveness of affiliate marketing depends on the strategy you use.


Here are 4 strategies that have proven to be successful many times over.

Discover the difference between a good, affiliate revenue boosting review and a crappy product review that will bring in zero sales.

This strategy is a variation on the first strategy and might be even more powerful.

Do you send people from email directly to the affiliate promotion? In that case you might be leaving money on the table...

Do you have a resource page on your site? You should!

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