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My Product Won’t Activate – What to Do?

In case you have a valid Thrive Suite license and your product(s) won’t activate successfully, here are the steps you can take to fix the problem.

Step 1 – Update all Thrive products

Before trying to activate your product, please make sure that all Thrive products are up to date. The activation will not work if an outdated version of the plugin/theme is installed.

Check out this article if you need to see how to update a Thrive Themes plugin or theme.

Step 2 – Whitelist licensing server IP

If updating all Thrive products didn’t help, it is possible that your server is blocking requests from the licensing server. In this case, please ask your host to white-list the licensing server’s IP address, which is:

Step 3 – Enable cURL

Check with your host and make sure cURL is enabled – this is a transfer data tool, required for the activation process.

Step 4 – Ask Support to Activate your Products

If steps 1-3 did not fix the problem, please open a​ support conversation and we will activate your product as soon as possible. Please make sure to include wp-admin access details when opening the thread.

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