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Differences Between Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect in Building Your Email List

A lot of people ask us:

“What’s the difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads? Which one is best to build my email list?”

Let me clarify this question for you.

If you want to add any type of opt-in form anywhere on your website, get detailed statistics on how your forms are performing and have one of the most advanced A/B testing engines at your fingertips, Thrive Leads is what you need.

If you’re looking to build funnels and A/B test landing pages, you should use Thrive Architect (with Thrive Optimize).

Luckily, you can get all of them at once. When purchasing Thrive Suite, you will get access to all of our products.

Thrive Leads: Add Opt-in Forms Anywhere on Your Site

Thrive Leads is our list building plugin. It allows adding any type of opt-in form anywhere on your website.

This means you can add opt-in forms like a:

  • (Exit Intent) Lightbox (aka pop-ups)

  • Yes/No and Multiple choice opt-in forms

  • Scroll mat, also known as Welcome Mat

  • Screen filler

  • Ribbon, also known as Hellobar

  • Slide-in

  • In content and footer opt-in form

  • Opt-in widget

These opt-in forms would be shown in different spots on your website.

For example: All of your blog articles from category B would show a lightbox with a related opt-in offer, and all of your blog articles from category A would have a ribbon on the top to promote another offer. While your homepage and “About” page do not show any opt-in form other than the one that’s on the page.

Both the different types of opt-in forms available and the targeting options make Thrive Leads unique and different from Thrive Architect.

On top of that, Thrive Leads allows for A/B testing of specific opt-in forms (you can test changes on one type of opt-in form or even different opt-in form types against each other) and see statistics on how your opt-in forms perform which Thrive Architect does not.

And to be honest that’s just scratching the surface…

Thrive Leads also allows you to hide opt-in forms for people who are already on your email list, send signup segue links so that people who are on your list don’t have to sign up again for something like a webinar and asset delivery for content upgrades.

Thrive Architect: Build Lead Generation Landing Pages & Funnels

Thrive Architect allows you to add a “Lead Generation” element to a page (such as a landing page) and combined with Thrive Optimize, it also gives you the opportunity to A/B test those landing pages.

But with Thrive Architect, you can only add a “Lead Generation” (or exit or timed lightbox) to a specific page. You have no targeting options (such as showing a lightbox on multiple pages) and would have to go in and add the lightbox manually to all the different pages (not ideal!).

This also means that you can only add lightboxes and lead generation elements on pages that are actually built with Thrive Architect, whereas Thrive Leads can be used to show opt-in forms on any page or post on any self-hosted WordPress site.

Where Thrive Architect shines is in lead generation landing pages. The hundreds of available templates and ease of use will allow you to set up a list-building funnel in no time.

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